Friday, September 24, 2010

Branding Experts Say Coca-Cola and Pepsi Brands Are No Good

I found an article on Digg from AOL Small Business News about the best and worst brands around today. According to a panel of branding experts, the world famous Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola brands aren't as great as we thought they were. Rob Frankle, a self-proclaimed branding expert of Frankel&Anderson, Inc. explains that:

(the following excerpt contains quotes from Frankle and the writings of the article's author, Lauren Drell)

--while Coca-Cola may be a successful brand, it is not a good brand. The true test, he says, is that if you go to a diner and request a Coke and are met with, "Pepsi okay?" 99 percent of people will say, "Yes." A good brand would be irreplaceable. The same goes for Pepsi, because it works both ways. Both are iconic companies with great advertising, but both brands are watered down when you look at the actual product -- the soda.--

Frankle has a point. Whenever I go out to eat or order takeout, my friends and family are very quick to purchase whichever cola is available. The only real place where people can actually stare at both bottles and make a choice seems to be at the grocery store. I wouldn't say that the Coca-Cola Co. and Pepsi Co. should be shaking in their boots about this... at least not until store brands start outselling them.

Did I forget to mention that Frankel&Anderson's website is absolutely disgusting?! It's right here. Just wanted to throw that in there.

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