Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cyber Goth

My previous post got me thinking of my Halloween costume. I'm putting together a cyber goth outfit - somewhat similar to the image above - ironically the same color combination! I started getting into the cyber goth fashion about a year ago: my friends and I were putting together a web series reflecting various experiences we (mostly they) had while working at the campus newspaper. One of my friends wanted me to play a goth character, who was actually in homage to another friend who actually was goth. So as not to misrepresent or offend, I started researching the goth culture. I read about everything from goth history to music to fashion and philosophy (I'm still looking for more stuff to read!). I stumbled across the cyber goth fashion through which talks about different goth subgroups, or 'stereotypes' as described by the author. If you're not familiar with the cyber goth culture, I'd explain it as goth + sci fi + bright colors + electronic music. It's a lot of fun to learn about - wikipedia is a good place to start to get a background if you're interested.

(the photo is by saturniaacherontia / Ulia on

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