Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Carasan Wearable Art

These delicate, durable and wearable art pieces are created by the family company: Carasan. Their widely successful and innovative work has been noted in numerous publications including Allure, Living and the New York Post. Look out for their new creations at their website (link here - check out accessories), Etsy page (link here) and on twitter (link here).

The following is a company description borrowed from their facebook page:

"If a sheer work of art is what comes to mind upon viewing any of the designs of Carasan, then you have called to mind a comparison that is not far from the truth, as the designers are inspired by art and nature in all that they create for their line. Staying true to their commitment of providing quality not quantity, Carasan will never be a mass-market company. Says Cassandra, "It is like buying art. Does your client buy original art, a limited edition lithograph or does she buy a mass-produced print? Our line is for free-spirited and self-assured women who are youthful at any age and want to wear high quality, one-of-a-kind designs." Their inspiration dates back to 1920's designers Erte and Fortuny. Offers Terri, "The Carasan line is one that transcends time. These are items you will want to pass down to your daughter. The Carasan woman is the soul of a Victorian socialite born into the body of an urban artist. She is a woman of today who wants fun, exciting clothing that will last season after season."

"Carasan epitomizes today's young American Couture, transcending time with its authentic creations and looking back into history for inspiration, not just for their designs, but also how we all impact the world in which we live forever.

"Terri and Cassandra Rosenthal are the mother-daughter design duo who are the faces behind this small, but internationally known label. When she could not find a job in New York City, after moving there to attend college, Cassandra asked her mother to go into business with her. They started Carasan Designs LLC when Cassandra was only 18 years old and had just begun attending classes at the Fashion Institute of Design in New York City. She has since graduated from F.I.T with honors, receiving her Bachelor's of Science degree. While attending college she fell in love with New York and made it not only her home but also, the home for Carasan, which is now based in Brooklyn. Terri holds down their studio at her southern home base at the family's small farm in Purcellville, Virginia. You may also run into her while she commutes from Virginia via the train to New York a few times a month."

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