Friday, October 8, 2010

The Cushzilla Revolution

A trip to the zoo has never been more inspiring! You can now live your dream of walking around in the fur of your favorite animal with the cushi! Oddly enough, I found these while researching zentai suits for a friend. The cushi, sold at is simultaneously adorable and a bit disturbing. Reminiscent of the pink bunny pjs from A Christmas Story, the cushi is a cozy alternative to pajamas, Halloween outfits and everyday attire (as seen in the photo above). The even more wearable, snuggie-like costumes are made of 100% soft polyester and are kid (and adult) friendly. Ranging in style from panda to penguin to dinosaur you can roam the streets nice and snug in the spirit of the animal of your choice. Just be sure to clean up after yourself.

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